We are hoping to highlight and celebrate the collective impact of our fellow citizens. We hope you'll take a moment to share where/how you signed it over. It needn't be one of the organizations linked on our site. Your generosity just might inspire others to follow your lead.

Let's start a movement. #signitover

Helena Dahlen

I donated the stimulus check to my friend who has been unemployed for 2 years. She needed it more than I do. I still get a paycheck from work every month.

Jezzette Rivera Solis

Our local food bank in San Antonio has been on national news as a result of the sheer number of folks in need. We signed over one of our checks to support our local SA food bank and provide for those who are in greater need.

Pascal Kaplan

Working through two 501(c)3 organizations she founded, Dr. Carol Weyland Conner is collecting stimulus funds and additional donations from her extensive network and is arranging with community partners to have them personally distributed to families who are most severely impacted by the loss of income due to the current prolonged shutdown.

In her note to her network inviting her friends to join her in this effort, Dr. Conner explained, “Many of my companions, like myself, have not suffered any financial effects from the current situation. Some have the opportunity to continue working, albeit virtually. Others, like myself, are living on well-planned retirement funds, funds that are the outcome of the abundance of the age in which we developed, combined with a surprising number of generous inheritances left by parents who, like ourselves, enjoyed a period of prosperity.

“The direct deposit subsidy that I will receive I intend to give to a poor family living at the margin, raising children, and earning their income in low paying jobs.”

As many of those most severely impacted by current circumstances are likely to be ineligible to receive their own stimulus subsidy, recipients of our cash gifts will be selected by school principals and church pastors who have earned the trust of these families and who, in turn, have a long-standing relationship with one of Dr. Conner’s non-profits, either White Pony Express or Following Francis. Each gift, packaged in a cheerfully wrapped box with a card expressing our unity as a single human family, will be handed over in a manner that honors social distancing.

Jamie and Maggie

We gave the bulk of our stimulus to the Maryland Food Bank, but also gave a smaller portion to a fund buying laptops for Baltimore City students who are distance learning, and a community group getting cash, groceries and resources to undocumented families in southeast Baltimore who will not receive government assistance or a stimulus. It felt GREAT.

Maggie and Matt

We signed over our stimulus check to the Capital Area Food Bank. We were trying to figure out how much, etc. to give and your idea gave us an easy, concrete way to move forward. Thank so much for sharing!


I started 'donating my check' about three weeks ago, but now that I have finally received the funds, will finish the work. I am still working and healthy, and it was an easy decision to give away these funds. Am choosing a mix of mostly local organizations that are on the front lines of addressing food insecurity in Baltimore.